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THE ONE! (G47's Best Coffee) <p> USDA Organic w/Volume Discounts!

THE ONE! (G47's Best Coffee)

USDA Organic w/Volume Discounts!

Coffee Crate

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Proudly introduces to the G47 community ...

... wait for it ... wait for it...

"THE ONE!"  


Now gather ALL the coffee from your kitchen cupboards, and Give it Away to a friend...

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is "THE ONE!"

...need we say more?

Okay we will... 

Bold and savory.  Velvety rich dark chocolate, clean and full-bodied with hints of berry and citrus.

We only source the finest organic coffee which meets the strictest standards for quality, fair trade and environmental sustainability.  From farm to roast, much time, skill and patience were put into each process.  Masterfully roasted, only the finest Arabica Beans were used to produce this complex blend, bringing you the most delicious and enjoyable cup of coffee YOU WILL EVER HAVE!

USDA Organic        GMO Free        Fair Trade
Sustainable        Shade Grown        Kosher

Why Buy Certified Organic?

Clean Beans, Clean Air, Clean Land, Clean Water

Did you know that coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world?   Your “Cup of Joe” is most likely a “cup of chemicals”…that is, if it is not certified organic coffee.  Up to 250 pounds of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides are sprayed per acre of conventional, non-organic coffee.  Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world with an average of 3.2 cups of coffee consumed per person on a daily basis.  Imagine how many people are ingesting pesticides and chemicals, which contribute to many health problems including cancer and miscarriages in pregnant women!

Buying certified organic ensures that your coffee is free of pesticides, solvents, chemicals and GMOs.  This is the most effective way to protect against potential harm from non-organic coffee toxins. 

Organic coffee beans are full of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!

Certified USDA

To qualify for a USDA Organic” label, our coffee farms must be certified, and our coffee product must meet certain standards, including that:

  • No synthesized pesticides and/or any prohibited chemical substance have been used for the past 3 years.
  • Natural pest control and prevention methods must be used.
  • Use sustainable crop rotation to prevent nutrient loss in soil.
  • The coffee must pass inspections and lab testing before it is made available for commercial use in the U.S.
  • No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) coffee beans are used.

"Coffee Crate is dedicated to empowering sustainable organic economies through our ongoing CoVestment of capital contributions and overall our commitment to re-CoVested support for many of your local small businesses..."

Supporting local farming communities, and ensuring that all of our coffee beans are ethically sourced, is a fact which is tremendously important to us.  Our coffee is certified “organic” by the USDA and is conscientious to always operate under Fair Trade practices … so you can be sure that our Fair Trade, Organic Coffee comes from sustainable sources which help to provide a high standard working environment for all involved in the production process of our pronounced quality coffee products.

Our coffee is grown without the use of genetic engineering, pesticides and/or harsh chemicals.

Organic Coffee Benefits and Advantages

The primary benefit of organically grown coffee is that, because it is not subjected to commercial fertilizer or insecticide, its beans would be free of chemical residue. For this reason, many declare that Organic Coffee has a fuller, richer flavor than non-organically grown coffee…but this is just a fraction of our stringent coffee evaluation process. 

Coffee Crate’s coffee is cup tested at every stage of its journey. “Cupping” is the trade craft of coffee experts who know the real intrinsic value of crafting a REALLY GOOD brew!  Our coffee is cupped prior to shipment to the U.S., then cup tested again upon arrival.  Only when satisfied that it meets the highest of quality standards, are the beans then accepted at our contracted roasting plant.

Finally, to ensure that ONLY a consistently great product should ever be graced with the presence of your cup’s preeminence, the royal tester first cups the daily roasts on a regular basis prior to shipment.

Aside from the taste of the coffee, growing coffee using Organic farming methods benefits the environment and the health of both the consumer and the farmer.  The production of Organic Coffee uses absolutely zero chemical fertilizers when feeding the plants, and no chemical pesticides to keep insects at bay. We are fully aware that pesticides and other non-organic farming chemicals accumulate in human body fat, causing damage to the nervous and reproductive systems.  While Organic Coffee may cost just a bit more, most would say the benefits overshadow the added cost. So what is a few more dollars when weighed against the very serious matter of YOUR LONGTERM HEALTH?

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G47 ApprovedThe CoffeeCrate is a G47 Sponsored Cooperative Opportunity, dedicated to empowering the growth and sustainability of organic economies by providing entrepreneurial community initiatives designed to stimulate small business growth within each of your local cities.  Coffee Crate is an active SBM of the G47 Marketplace, and so being, we will soon be launching a unique capital opportunity for goal oriented entrepreneurs to increase their overall organic economic strength, while supporting the foundations comprised from a G47 organic global community.  All G47 establishments will operate via our proprietary "Honor Economy" system, and as such, we will be rewarding all CoVested labor through a Milestone Achievement Protocol Incentive (MAPI) based remittance schedule in accordance with the G47 Honorable Rewards Protocols. 

Folks, these are truly very exciting times we are living in!  Let's make it work to your advantage!

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Superior In Every Way

I have not found another coffee that is so great with such a full robust flavor and such great incredible taste and it even is healthy for you, that's great stuff and I love it. Send me more!


Very good coffee

Make sure you get a coffee grinder

It was good!

Great taste

Excellent coffee!

Mr. John

Great product. Great cause. Win win situation. Very pleased thanks.