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CPO CoVestment Pool II-A <p> Bubba Mac's Gourmet Foods

CPO CoVestment Pool II-A

Bubba Mac's Gourmet Foods

G47 Marketplace

Intrinsic Value $220.00 CoVest Today!

250out of 1,000 Beneficial Interest Units have been issued for this CPO!

25% out of 1,000 BIUs for this CPO has been CoVested to date

This Cooperative Procurement Opportunity (CPO) will only launch when at least 1,000 Beneficial Interest Units (BIUs) are supported in

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M47 Mobile Force Recon Units

Modul47M47 Mobile Force Recon Units (M47-MFRUs) are intermodal shipping containers, strategically re-purposed for the distribution of consumable goods & services for the benefit of communities and establishing economic sustainability within deployed regions. We call these units forward "Scouts," because they allow our Mobile Operators to scout any location and assess business performance in qualifying a more permanent M47 Fixed Structural Unit (M47 Squad, Platoon, Battalion, or Brigade). As we all know business is, "Location, location, location!" And what better way than to have your cake and eat it too, for if business is not profitable, pack-up in 15 Mins and ship out with an M47-MFRU Logistical Transport Vehicle to "scout" another location, until you find a community that will support you!

Cooperative Procurement Opportunity Description

The M47-MFRU Bubba Mac's are Fast Barbecue Mobile Restaurants.  With a fleet of these mobile restaurants, we will be able to reach every corner of the world for consumers of all countries to enjoy the wonderful Southern BBQ Cuisine offered only by Bubba Mac's.

  • M47-MFRU CPO Strategic Logistical Deployment Area:
    Atlanta, GA (United States)

  • M47-MFRU Procurement Cost:
    $150,000.00 USD (Approximately)

  • CPO BIU Issuance for PPM CoVestments:
    1,000 Beneficial Interest Units

  • PPM BIU CoVestment Value* per Shared Unit:
    11 ICOs ($220.00 USD Minimum CoVestment per BIU)

  • Restrictions and/or Limitations:
    NONE (No BIU Issuance Limit or Restrictions per PPM)
  • Relationship & Royalty Sharing Rewards Schedule:
    • End of 3rd Quarter after CPO PPM BIU Issuance is Fully Vested
      • 2-3 Month Build Time (Approximated)
      • 6 Month Cash Flow Ramp-up (Approximated)

  • Anticipated Return of Liberty per PPM (Amt. Pursuant with BIU Holdings):
    10-30% of ICO CoVestment per Annum

Bubba Mac's Mobile Restaurant Description 

BUBBA MAC’S Fast Food’s is the Number One rated takeout restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia according to Yelp.

What' makes Bubba Mac's so great?  It's in the sauce!

Bubba Mac's Sauce is a revolutionary sauce that can replace ketchup, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce in your home. Bubba Mac’s Famous Gourmet Sauce is great on just about anything cooked… “One sauce, fits all!”  Whether on Steaks, Burgers, Wings, Chicken, Ribs, Seafood, or Pork it will be a mouth-full of pleasant experiences. There are three flavors; Mild, Hot, and Barbecue.

Bubba MacBubba Mac's Famous Gourmet Sauce is a family owned Southern Tradition sauce company that prides itself in having the best quality products, tantalizing foods, and service possible. Customers come from throughout the Southeast to purchase the sauce.

We truly believe that Bubba Mac’s Famous Gourmet Sauce will revolutionize the cooking experience at home and abroad. Become one of millions to enjoy the great flavors that Bubba Mac’s Famous Gourmet Sauce brings to your ta


GO TO:  www.BubbaMacs.com

*     Must be an IVA Owner with G.P.A. Level 3+
**    All Policies & Agreements of G47 Marketplace & ISDA apply to this CoVestment.
***  PPM BIU CoVestment Value is subject to fluctuate according to the LBMA 2nd Daily fixed value of silver on the day of your CoVestment, and subjugated to the minimum CoVestment Value per BIU as reflected above in USD.


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