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GM Climbing 25kN Aluminum D Auto-Locking Screw Gate Carabiner UIAA CE Certified<p>Free U.S. Shipping!

GM Climbing 25kN Aluminum D Auto-Locking Screw Gate Carabiner UIAA CE Certified

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GM CLIMBING 28kN D Shape Locking Carabiner

  • Locking carabiner, personal protective equipment against fall from height, widely used in activities at height, such as rock climbing, rescue, arborist, caving, canyoning...
  • It's a connector with high breaking strength in lightest weight.
  • It connects, consolidates and fixes gears, ropes while providing solid protection.
  • It's like a magic link in systems. Ropes, pulleys, slings...are connected together by carabiners to create so many functional systems so we can climb high to operate, to view the world.
We people are always good at in exploring!
  • We introduce carabiner to a lot of outdoor activities: hunting,camping, hiking, hammock setup, slackline, kayak...
  • We also find it do a great job in daily life, dog leash, swing, aerial dance set-up...
  • Anywhere a safe and solid connecting is in demand!



CE and UIAA Rigorous mountaineering standard tests, are required to ensure the carabiner of high standard and be able to better serve for works at height, rescue, rock climbing, arborist, caving….
Offset D-shape 
Stronger than carabiners of other shape by effectively transferring the loading to main spine side, which takes further step to guide the loading away from gate side to be safer.
Quality Inspect One by One 
Strength, anti-vibration, gate spring function… Every carabiner is examined and inspected one by one to ensure quality, safety and function.



Larger gate opening and ample inner space 
Provides you with easier clip during operation, no more frustration with wider gears or stuffs.
Ergonomic Shape 
It’s very comfortable to hold the carabiner and you are able to accurately apply your force accurately on the gate and open.
Key Lock! 
Key Lock style is designed to prevent from gear, bolt or rope snagging. 
Rope Friendly 
The part of carabiner where the rope comes in direct contact is designed to be rounded with the purpose that rope runs smoothly.


Material: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy, hot-forged
Standard Finish: Anodized
Dimension: 113 x 72mm / 4.45 x 2.84inch 
Net Weight: 80g / 2.82Oz
Breaking Strength
Major axis: 28kN / 6295lbf
Minor axis: 8kN / 1798lbf
Open gate: 9kN / 2023lbf
UIAA CE 12275


GM CLIMBING is here with you to EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN, to enjoy a better outdoor!

Listing is for ONE (1) 28kN GM Climbing Carabiner.

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