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Who is "Restore Transform"?

We are a not-for-profit community holistic wellness center located in Williamson County, Texas that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.  

We CANNOT do this without YOUR help!  Healthy living, healing, better quality of life is desperately needed for everyone in the community -- especially those that are struggling mentally / emotionally / spiritually / relationally, have chronic or life-threatening conditions, or live a stressful life in general.   

How Healthy Are Your Roots?

Have you ever heard the term "get to the root of the issue"? That's what our mission is!  We help heal the root of the issue(s) in your health & well-being.

We are WHOLE PERSON WELLNESS.  Some may call it: "holistic wellness", "integrative treatments", "natural approaches", "alternative therapies", "functional medicine", etc.  We offer services that are from head to toe, inside & out.  In short: Mind, Body, Spirit.

To learn more about us, we welcome you to watch the video below...

Our Services In The Facility: 

(NOTE: all fees are below market-rate & we are starting a 'financial aid' fund for those with diagnosed life-threatening conditions that otherwise cannot afford longer-term treatment)--

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Medical Massage Therapy, Innovative Counseling & Group Classes, Nutrition/Naturopathic Consults, Therapeutic Fitness Classes, and more. Also, Free Monthly Workshops featuring various health-centered subjects, and prayer is always available and free for those who ask. :-)  

These effective BODY, MIND, SPIRIT health services should not just be for the wealthy.

...Here is WHY We Exist...

Our community (and many others) have an increasing number of--

  • Chronic diseases, along with stress/anxiety, various types of addictions, unhealthy eating habits / lifestyles, declining general health and quality of life, dysfunctional habits that lead to broken families, etc...
  • Merely placing a “bandaid” on the symptoms is not solving the problem (and in some ways, make it worse).  
  • These holistic / natural therapies are unfortunately harder to find in our area, not under one roof, expensive, and so on...

...We are taking down those barriers!

Our ultimate goal is--

  • Healing, long-term health, utmost highest quality of life, longevity in living, teaching healthy habits, nurturing the family-unit, making sure kids have building-blocks for a healthy future, helping our community have easy access to affordable fresh foods, etc.
  • Less chronic illnesses, less obesity, less money spent on a cycle of long-term healthcare, less stress (& possible abuse, anger, demise of marriages/families), less depression/anxiety/abuse & suicide, less addictive behaviors, less hopelessness that "nothing will work", etc.  
  • Offering scholarships for those with long-term, chronic issues, so they can get ongoing treatment/therapies to help heal their condition.
  • Why? Eating fresh foods and following a well-rounded (holistic) healthy treatment plan has shown statistically to improve if not directly heal most ailments or issues.
  • Also, it is best to find and address the root of the issue, not just treat the symptoms - this is why holistic care is so effective.
  • We want to make it easy for anyone in our community to have holistic / integrative therapies, habits, and access to fresh foods to add to their current general medical care.

We believe it's not just one habit or treatment, but a combination that is most effective...but we will also see a variety of different issues/struggles/situations that respond better to a certain method, thus why we need all services we offer.

Restore Transform has been a not-for-profit since 2011, doing low-cost counseling and mental health classes (most notably: 'Family Life Skills' by Dr. Paul Hegstrom), but we saw a mind-body (and brain-gut) connection and all of the above is why we expanded our services in 2016 beyond just mental health by branching out to treat the person holistically - physically, mentally, spiritually. Like Jesus, we humbly serve all ages, genders, cultures, sizes, abilities, health condition, financial situation, faith/religion, etc.

To learn even more about us, read this Community Impact Newsletter article.

Here are just a couple (out of many) examples of how our community services significantly helped our clients journeys to healing --

Let me start off by saying that I have been struggling with a chronic condition for over 2-years (I am a 25 year old male and have always been physically fit). At its worse, I could do absolutely no sort of exercise and the simple task of carrying groceries was an issue for me. 

The first time I met with Dr. Knapp, I realized some very important things that anyone should look for in a Chiropractor. 1) He truly likes to help people free themselves from pain. 2). He is very knowledgable and uses many different techniques - has many tools in the arsenal-depending on the injury. (Mine is extremely complex so I get different treatments every time I go in there.) Many chiropractors do the same treatment every time. 3) He is affordable and 4) HE TRULY CARES ABOUT HELPING THE CLIENT- This is the most important for me. He does not give up on a client and he is there to talk when I am feeling down or that I will never be 100%. You do not find all of these qualities in many doctors and chiropractors. This is very unique and I am blessed to have found him!

Since working with Dr. Knapp these last few months, I have been able to get up to around 70%. Going from 35% to 70% in just a few months is Huge. (The journey is not over!)  --Conrad


Dr. Nilou is amazing. I went to see her when I couldn't sleep because of severe pain in my lower back and hip. At first, I thought I needed to get some type of pain or sleeping medication from my family doctor. But then I went to Dr. Nilou and in two sessions she had completely erased my pain and I was sleeping like a baby. I cannot recommend Dr. Nilou highly enough. She listens carefully to everything you say, and is very thorough and takes the time to explain what is happening and what she is doing to help. --Tonya

If you are passionate about supporting alternative therapies that significantly improve lives, then we encourage you to CoVest today so we can keep our doors open.

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