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Countering the Counterfeits: How to Speak with True Authority in a Fake Authority World

Countering the Counterfeits: How to Speak with True Authority in a Fake Authority World

The Uncommon Coach

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The word can either scare us … or excite us.

Typically we think of authority in terms of someone being “over us” or “in charge of”  us. Parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, police, judges, bankers … the mix is different for everyone, but all follow a familiar theme: That person or institution has authority over us, and we are to obey it.

Maybe we are … and maybe not.

Face it: the problems that confront us today are problems of authority.

But is it true authority … or false?

What is the difference?

And is there a place where our having authority or acting in authority can legitimately excite us … and not because it gives us the power to dominate others? Do not wealth and prosperity come from honest exercises of true authority? Isn’t freedom connected to the truth, and doesn’t deliverance from oppression come about when a greater power than the oppressor shows up in greater (true) authority?

What can we learn from studying authority – its roots, its true foundations, and its honest exercise as highlighted against its abuses – places where true authority has gotten derailed or temporarily sidelined by false authority? How do we learn how to stand in our own true authority and then – practically – to so stand?


Countering the Counterfeits: How to Speak with True Authority in a Fake Authority World is a groundbreaking course originally presented in live webinars, with written study guides, which identifies false authorities that confront us in the venues of Law & Government, Money & Banking, Family & Education, Faith & Religion, Health & “Healthcare,” Media and the Arts. Over 15 hours of instruction, it provides practical countermeasures to take against false authorities in each area. Even more, it inspires truth-seekers – perhaps for the first time – to effectively stand in their own authority and to achieve the greatness that was placed within them by their Creator.


The instructor is uniquely qualified to teach this course, with a background in education, law enforcement, business, public speaking, publishing, organized religion, parenthood, organizational leadership, financial management, and life coaching.

The developmental roots of this course go back over 50 years, and millions of dollars have been pumped through the veins of its construction.

The course answers these questions:


Law & Government


  • There’s blue lights in your rear-view; NOW what do you do?
  • Who ultimately has the final say … and how to make it YOU!
  • What are the police REALLY thinking?
  • Help! I’ve been arrested! (Now what?)
  • Oh, no; I’m being sued! (Now what?)
  • When to hire a lawyer … and when to win on your own
  • American History like you’ve never heard it
  • How to stop rendering unto Caesar what is God’s
  • The Second American War for Independence
  • How to stop being the “enemy of the state”
  • How to be THE Authority … in any situation


Money & Banking


  • The history and nature of real money
  • How banking is designed to destroy financial authority
  • Transitions in purpose and application of taxes
  • Contractual traps within the money and banking system
  • Alternatives that the elite use outside “the system”


Family / Education


  • The historical loss of family authority … and how to get it back
  • Who is responsible for education … church, state, parents, business?
  • Education as the tool of control and domination
  • Why is education THE critical issue surrounding authority?


Health / Healthcare


  • What is good health and how is it attained?
  • What is the role of chemical drugs?
  • Why do M.D.s know virtually nothing about nutrition?
  • Who / what are the forces at work behind the scenes in healthcare?
  • Doesn’t Romans 13 demand that I obey the government and have health insurance?
  • The conflict between the naturopath and the allopath


Media & Arts


  • What is the role of the arts in setting and supporting our authority?
  • How is society shaped by media and arts?
  • Who owns the media?
  • How can we get information from the media and still be in authority?


Faith / Religion


  • How the church can be the single greatest anti-God force
  • If church is in the Bible, what is this ekklesia thing?
  • Is the authority of religion true or false?
  • Breaking out of the religion box and conquering opposition forces through the authority of my faith
  • You’re not religious? Good; let’s talk!



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