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Becoming Kings

Becoming Kings

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Who or what is a king?

Do you have to be born one … or is there another way to become king?

The answers will surprise you, for the truth is: when you know what a king is, you’ll know that anyone can become a king. Yes, with all of the trappings that go with it, in one form or another. But as you would guess, there are some rules that must be followed and some foundations that must be laid.

What are those foundations?

Find out now …

What is authority, and how can you avoid the bad and stand in the good?

What is THE critical issue underlying all authority?

What critical element in all transactions can actually follow God’s plan (the way of kings) with much greater success than man’s common counterfeit substitute for it?

What do we not know about our past that, if we knew the truth, would set us back on thrones as kings immediately?

What elements of law and government work to support our godly rulership and what concessions on our part actually prevent it?

What can / must we do concerning our physical lives to be sure to have the life and stamina to rule long and well?

What must we teach our children (and who must teach them) in order to assure generational succession of our kingship?

What does it mean to move past the one-day-a-week church model to the 24/7/365 ecclesia model?

What real missions in the field are working now, as we are moving and shifting in our kingdom awareness and kingdom rulership? And …


In Becoming Kings, a new online continuing education experience, kings (that’s you!) will discover their authority and come to understand their jurisdiction. You will learn about the transactional and operational foundations and the longevity and philosophical foundations of ruling kingdoms … after, of course, discovering that, Yes! You DO have a kingdom to rule!

What would your life be if, instead of a slave or a serf, you could actually rule as king? You can, and when you complete this training, you will.

Completion of this training also qualifies the student for a membership invitation to a new global initiative that will provide significant benefits in business, ministry, health, family, finance, legacy, and personal fulfillment.

The facilitator has over 50 years in the classrooms of education, business, government, ministry, journalism, public speaking, family and – most importantly – submission to the authority of the King of kings.

Becoming Kings is presented in five pre-recorded segments, each of which is updated and enhanced regularly in live webinars in which the purchaser will have opportunity to participate. You may purchase them separately (hyperlinked below - click for content descriptions) or enjoy a "five for the price of four" discount and get them all together here. (Download link will be emailed to you separately.)

1 Finding Your Kingdom

2 You: King over money!

3 Kingly Reflections on America’s True History, Government & Law

4 Health & Education for Kings

5 Something better than that Old Time Religion?


Your acquisition of the full course includes your first month of membership in the Becoming Kings membership forum, where you will enjoy other live events, free or discounted, private blog posts, articles, podcasts, and access to a library of supporting material ... or you may opt to receive another two months free by signing up for a full year of membership.

Click and add Becoming Kings to your goody bag now to learn how to become the king you were made to be!

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