DOLPHIN TANK - Build-A-Business Workshop

Is the world’s paradigm of Buy/Sell leaving you brokenhearted and in a fog of what to do next? 


  • Are Motivated by Narcissism, Greed & Intimidation by presenting unrealistic promises of Great Wealth!

    • They hope you fail, so they can take your collateral assets FOR THEMSELVES!
    • Should you succeed, you will pay a "Blue Sky Premium" leaving you brokenhearted and alone

  • Loans result in Debt / Equity Capital Bondage to their master

  • Mercenary style of business…goes to the highest bidder


  • Are Motivated by Generosity, Assurance & Loyalty with a promise of truth by setting realistic goals that can achieve lucrative Profit Potentials!

    • They help you to succeed, in order to increase the benefit FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!

    • Should you succeed,"Sky's the Limitas your family will launch and support you with organic consumption

  • Partnership results in contingent liability, with managed expectations of realistic growth!

  • An Honorable system of Give / Receive, releasing the captives by healing the brokenhearted.

As you know, there is always"STRENGTH IN NUMBERS", and we are always looking to increase the NUMBERS!

...of Your Bottom Line that is!

If you think you have a Unique High-Quality Product that you would like to see brought to market, then present your ideas to the Dolphin Tank and let us help you to BUILD-A-BUSINESS TODAY, for the CONTINUAL REWARDS of TOMORROW provided to you, your family, and your community!

Which sounds more appealing, as both promise Great Adventure...SHARKS vs. DOLPHINS!

Swimming with Sharks?Swimming with Sharks

...or Swimming with Dolphins?Swimming with Dolphins!

The "DOLPHIN TANK" is always looking to increase our
Pod of G47 Family Businesses