A Brief Overview of G47 Opportunities for Better Understanding:

1) iCovest (Case Sensitive) represents the G47 iCovest Movement which is our version of "Crowd Funding", but CoVested into the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund as American Silver Eagles!  When iCovest, the principal of all charitable contributions are not depleted, but increased and then used!

     a)  CoVest or CoVesting (Case Sensitiveis the action of charitable giving by Co-Operative Vesting in community projects via collective community contribution to the "Grain House" (ISDA Community Stabilization Fund).

2) ISDA is the Social Humanitarian Organization overseeing the ISDA Vault 

     a)  ISDA Vault is the Assurance Trust jurisdictionally protecting our deposits, or what we affectionately like to call the "Grain House"

     b)  Intentional Community Opportunities (or "ICOs") pronounced "eye-kohs" or "eye-see-ohs" when defining them. 
           These are the measure of our currency wherein 1 ICO = 1 oz. Silver in the form of an American Silver Eagle
            on deposit at the ISDA Vault and allocated to the IVA Holder

     c)  ICO Vesting Account (or "IVA") is the financial program for individuals to hold allocations of ICO's within the ISDA Vault pursuant to 
          the terms and conditions of the ISDA IVA Program and their G.P.A.

     d)  Gideon Protocol Access (or "G.P.A.") is an IVA Holder's self-determined level of contribution to the ISDA Vault by CoVesting in their IVA

The "IVA Top Off" is merely our version of "STASH" where you can setup a subscription to CoVest any amount between 1-1000 Coins per day, week, month or year.  The ISDA IVA program is NOT refered to as "iCovest", but rather the IVA is a defined financial program of the ISDA.  The ISDA and ISDA's IVA are all part of the most ground breaking and economic paradigm shaking iCovest Movement!

At the ISDA, economically speaking, you can, "Have your cake, and eat it too!"