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Small Business Membership (SBM)

Building Cities upon a Hill (100 in 2017)

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Rapid Product Movement System

(SOFT LAUNCH PROMOTION:  For the First 100 Small Businesses registered by the End of March 2018, your monthly commitment in charitable contribution has been waived!  Instead a mere commitment of $89.00 allows SBM's to enjoy their First Year without further monthly commitment to support G47 Administrative functions.)

Afterward, your small grain commitment in charitable contribution of just $35.00 per month (or $350 per annum) shall grow to be an abundance of perpetual provision for your community, because it is both cultivated and harvested for tremendous yield within the G47 Marketplace!



SBM Lapel PinSBM's will receive a distinguished Gold Lapel Pin designed to spark conversations concerning the G47 Global Initiative, and to share the faith concerning the end time with those in and outside of God's community.  Every SBM holds privileged membership access to the G47 Marketplace Online Community. All SBM members are entitled to selected products bearing attractive discounts from the already discounted G47 values shown.  But even more importantly are the benefits associated with your SBM commitment to include in addition to the PCM:


  • SBM Online Member Access Content - Introduction to G47 Global Initiative
    [Online Member Access]

  • Invitation to submit product for G47 Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs)
    [Online Member Access, Manual & Support]

  • Access to the G47 Infinite Cash Flow Management System Support
    [Online Member Access, Manual & Support]

  • Access to G47 Active Asset Management Programs
    [Access to Available Programs]

By making your charitable commitment to a subscription plan as a
Small Business Member,
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