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Participating Community Member (PCM)

Become an Active PCM Today!

Your fractional offering of silver, valued at just $5.00 per month (or $50 per year) subscribed in charitable contribution to the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund, will grow to be an abundant source of perpetual capital provision to your community. 

This is because the capital gathered is not immediately spent, but rather it is sewn in the field of enrichment, and cultivated to for a greater harvest with tremendous yield to be an organic economic empowerment stewarded under the transparent oversight of your designated community leaders!

PCM Silver Lapel PinPCM's will receive a distinguished Silver Lapel Pin designed to spark conversations concerning the G47 Global Initiative, and to share the faith concerning the end time with those in and outside of God's community. Every PCM holds privileged membership access to the G47 Online Community Marketplace wherein all members are entitled to the acquire PCM products at attractive 10% discounts from the already discounted G47 value shown.

  • Exclusive Member Access to your Community Updates with G47 Community Impact Statistical Information presented in Real Time

  • Member Access for Discounted Product Values on select items of the G47 Marketplace

  • Member Access to CoVest in the G47: 
    Small Capital Enhancement Program

  • Member Access to CoVest in the G47:
    Active Asset Management Program

  • Member Access to CoVest in the G47:
    Real Estate Value Added Program

You are in agreement by making your charitable ongoing commitment to this subscription plan as a Participating Community Member (PCM), and you further agree to the G47 Marketplace Participation Agreement (Click Here) and; all other policies, terms and agreements of the (Click Here)