G47 RPMs UPDATE (January 17- February 02, 2018) – G47 Marketplace

G47 RPMs UPDATE (January 17- February 02, 2018)



"The G47 Marketplace has exceeded Industry Standards by having one the best consumer conversion rates over our competitors!"

So do you have a product you would like to introduce to market?

You can use the G47 Marketplace as one of your platforms to drive traffic to your Small Business Today!

G47 RPMs Results January 17 - February 02

G47 Marketplace was also recognized for being ranked in the TOP 11% of the stores launched the same time back on March 2017!

G47 Ranked in the Top 11 Percent!

See How the G47 RPM System Can Work For You!

Here's the Real Deal Folks!

As an international organic community, we really could have done much better than that!  As our persuasion persists throughout our organic Assemblies and individual Members, we should be able to easily turn a conversion ratio of minimally 25%.  

HOWEVER, we didn’t do so bad for our very first run of RPMs, so a nice pat on the back is in order for you G47 Community!

Now, fellow neighbors, friends and family…we could do soooooo much better than this, and achieve TRUE EXCELLENCE!  

And…we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what can truly be achieved together!!!

ISDA IVA Collection of Products
If we each collectively endeavor so much as  to tell a friend, a neighbor, a congressman, a doctor, a waste facility manager, a teacher, a fellow police officer, we will soon realize the power we all have to vote for a better economic community to live in, with our wallets!  Each of us will begin to see the return as the quality of sustainable organic economic empowerment reaches deep into each of our domestic economies, and when socially conscientious Small Business Owners start to encompasses each of their communities with a loving embrace of our neighbors, friends and families!  We would then, through the ISDA IVA and Infinite Cash Flow Management System, cultivate and foster a new Paradigm of charitable living, paying it forward so to say at every chance we get!

Infinite Cash Flow Management System

Considering that this is G47’s congratulatory ranking from among ALL ONLINE STORES who use our very popular international online merchant market platform, you can EASILY SEE how the simplicity and power of G47’s proprietary RPMsTM program would make any of our ORGANICALLY participating SBM product lines look really appealing to any INORGANIC distribution company in consideration of retail shelving any of our SBM's products throughout an international inorganic distribution supermarket or wholesale distribution facility.  The G47 RPM System especially helps our independent Small Business owners to establish mind-blowing conversion ratio like ours, when our international community endeavors to come together in unity.  If we as a G47 Global Community can push a conversion ratio of 25% or greater, each of our SBM’s can easily boast of a conversion ratio WELL ABOVE ANY INDUSTRY STANDARD …now…could you imagine the impact this would have on an international community of Small Businesses and their owners, who collectively support each other from every walk of life organically, and in operating collaboratively under the single venue of a G47 Marketplace propel a new paradigm in Strategic Philanthropy?  What online marketplace offers this kind of potential and promise to your local community today? 

​​​​​​​Imagine that, we were actually given an award for what, in G47 standards of excellence, was really a poor performance for what could have been.  Now, imagine what we can really do by knocking the “Industry Standard Ratios” socks off this second round with Coffee Crate's Non-GMO / Organic Coffee!!!!

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