G47 ACTIVE SBM LIST – G47 Marketplace


Get to know your G47 Small Business Neighbors!

All listed below are the positive contributing Small Business Members of your G47 Marketplace! 

If you have any concern or question concerning the product or service you CoVested in, or wish to CoVest in, please contact the applicable SBM here if their contact information is not provided within their CoVestment listing.

A Touch Above the Rest Commercial Cleaning, Llc A Touch Above the Rest Commercial Cleaning
ACTS Freedom Farms of America www.ACTSFFA.com
Allen Cook Music www.MusicFoundationEssentials.com
Allumez Capital www.allumezcapital.com
Angel Food Production Angel Food Production
Bubba Macs Gourmet Foods, Inc. www.BubbaMacs.com
Chancellor Confirm www.chancellorconfirm.com
Diverstity International www.diversityitn.com
DSCA Adventures www.dsca-adventures.com
Earth En ReGen www.EarthEnReGen.org
FFC Advisors www.ffcadvisors.com
Freedom Chapel International Christian Center www.FCICC.org
Fusion Productions www.fusionflix.com
G47 Marketplace www.G47Marketplace.com
G47 Numismatics www.G47Marketplace.com
Global Stratos www.globalstratos.com
Good Health Tech www.GoodHealthTech.com
Grace Church. Inc. www.gracechurchinc.org
Healing Women of Atlanta www.healingwomenofatl.org
Joyful Moves www.joyfulmoves.com
Jubilee Harvest www.G47Marketplace.com
Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office www.KingsCounselandTrust.com
Mitomi Designs www.G47Marketplace.com
Nextage Diversified Realty Nextage Diversified Realty
Organic Suds Co. www.OrganicSudsCo.com
Prorex Prorex
Proven Results www.provenresults.org
Seams Sew Right, Llc Seams Sew Right, Llc
Sharing the Word Ministries Sharing the Word Ministries
Sheild Defense Systems www.ShieldDefenseSystems.com
Shield of Faith Fellowship www.soffellowship.com
State of Globe www.stateofglobe.com
Steel Hooves www.steelhooves.com
The Coffee Crate, Inc. www.TheCoffeeCrate.com
The Uncommon Coach www.coachtuc.com
TRN Distributors www.TRN.tv
Upstart Energy www.productfrog.com
Veritek www.veritek.com
Virtually In Focus www.virtuallyinfocus.com
YomNom Market  www.G47Marketplace.com
Young Consulting www.YoungConsulting.biz