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We are continually updating this forum to facilitate the G47 Marketplace, and to promote the successful organic community growth of both SBM products and partakers in consumption unto the empowerment of your local communities.


No, you are welcome to make one time payments at any time through the G47 Marketplace online community, however, becoming a member gives you PREMIER ACCESS to "MEMBER's ONLY" content. (i.e. Considerable Discounts on Products, Real Time Information, Upcoming Promotions and Sales, Community Forums, Access to G47's Communal Treasury Statistical Growth Tracker, Access to G47's Proprietary Infinite Cash Flow Management System (ICFMS) support for you and your business, and much more!)

REMEMBER: You're NOT BUYING a product...You're COVESTING in YOUR community!



This is a metaphorical representation for the storing up of provisional fiscal resources before a known period of famine will strike. Your capital provisions granted in charitable contribution shall be governed in monetary stewardship, increased via capital enhancement, and made available unto ALL participating communities. By filling the storehouses with "Grain" (Silver) during a time of availability, the communities involved in the G47 Global Initiative will be less impacted by the coming downturn of global economies, forecast to occur within the next 3 years.



It is a Community Economic Sustainability Plan. The G47 Grain House Initiative is a challenge to ALL G47 Community Participants to fill the "Grain Houses" (G47 Communal Treasury) with "Grain" (Silver American Eagle Coins) to be COVESTED in charitable contribution toward a G47 Communal Treasury. This Communal Treasury is stewarded in oversight by YOUR very own designated community leaders. A bulk of the principal asset base will be leveraged and capitally enhanced through the G47 Proprietary Infinite Cash Flow Management System, as the system is engineered that ALL COVESTED Silver shall NEVER BE SPENT! The capital proceeds generated from this provisional base of COVESTED assets shall be made available in application for Qualified Small Businesses Members (SBM) who require certain hard cost Capital Expenditures (CapEx), to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in the development of their company, and tangible provisions in productivity unto their communities and the world abroad! The goal of the G47 Marketplace is to re-appropriate the Massive Wealth typically generated through online marketplaces, and rather than seeking personal corporate enrichment, G47 will then tender these funds unto ALL participating G47 communities wherever economic sustainability may be fortified, empowered and increased. Participating Community Members (PCM) and SBM's registered on the G47 Marketplace, are highly encouraged to participate in the Grain House Initiative today!

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There are two ways to acquire Silver today on the G47 Marketplace from G47 Numismatics.

1. Yes, you can acquire as many Silver American Eagle coins as desired for personal asset retention, however you will be responsible for the additional cost of Freight & Insurance to your designated address.



2. However, you also have the option to pay for as many coins in charitable contribution to be accredited to your record, and further tracked as it is added to the grain house via TRANSPARENT ACCOUNTING published in notice for all PCM's & SBM's with online member access to see and track.  You can measure the percentage of community impact your contribution makes toward the G47 Community Economic Empowerment program as your contribution continues to grow year after year with the global community on a whole!




REMEMBER:  One Coin, Makes a World of Difference!



The current market price for silver is always displayed at the top of each page on the G47 Marketplace website (among other metal pricing), and the rates are updated in real time every five minutes. The first figure (in white) is the current market price per one Troy Ounce of Fine 0.999% Silver, and the second figure (in red or green) indicates the price fluctuation since the last update in price.

However, for a detailed market analysis: CLICK HERE