G47 Global Initiative - Building Cities on a Hill in 2018
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Our Goal This Year is to Empower At Least 


and a Beacon of Hope Unto a Dying World!

THE TIME IS NOW...that a G47 Community actively engage in the necessary building of "Cities upon a Hill!"  These Cities shall be comprised from qualified companies to empower a "Financial Ark" committed to creating economic sustainability for ALL participating communities.  Our community shall be built upon the fortitude of our Small Business Members established world wide!


The flowchart of an Old Paradigm above, illustrates that the perpetual pleading for DONATIONS will NO LONGER permit any Social Humanitarian organizations to survive in the approaching economic downturn. With perceivable increasing insolvency of financial institutions permeating the global market economy and household incomes today, WE MUST CHANGE OUR ECONOMIC PARADIGM!

We are currently challenging the active community of G47 to establish at least One Small Business per each participating Group Organization involved today!  This proposed Small Business establishment should offer a uniquely qualified value added position in the form of a consumable product, and/or a renewable service for further exchange through the G47 Marketplace online community platform.  These Businesses shall lead a charge of empowerment through an Acts Based Economy via our proposed G47 Organic Growth Paradigm!

Unlike any other Online Marketplaces today, the G47 Marketplace is not seeking capital enrichment for itself, but rather it was designed to COVEST the vast revenue streams procured from organic community transactions through daily consumption, BACK INTO THE VARIOUS EXPRESSED NEEDS OF YOUR COMMUNITY, and to be shared with so many who are in critical need at this time!




Based on a True Story


Joe the Plumber went to a hotel and made a $100 dollar deposit to the Hotel Manager to hold a hotel room for him with the arrangement that he may cancel it and get his deposit back and go somewhere else, if he so decides, and left for town.

The Hotel Manager remembered that he owed the local Butcher $100 dollars for some meat he had purchased, so he gave it to him to clear the debt.

The Butcher remembered that he owed the farmer $100 dollars, so he gave the $100 dollar bill to him, to pay his debt.

The Farmer remembered that he owed the local Feed Mill Guy $100 dollars for some feed, so he paid him the $100 dollars and cleared his debt.

The Feed Mill Guy remembered he owed his Secretary $100 dollars so he paid her.  The Secretary owed the Hotel Manager $100 dollars for some rooms she had booked and paid him to clear the debt.

The Hotel Manager now had the $100 dollar bill back again just in time as Joe the Plumber came back in the door and decided on another hotel and asked for his deposit back, so the Hotel Manager returned the $100 dollar bill to Joe the Plumber.

Everybody’s debt in town was now paid for and settled ($500 dollars) and Joe the Plumber had his $100 dollar bill back again!

Now let's review the above illustration of organic community interaction and transaction concerning $100 dollars, but now...
let's douse it with a bit of G47 Rocket Fuel and Ignite It!!!



Rapid Product Movement System

G47 Marketplace Owned Company:

1. ACQUIRE and List G47 Widgets: SBM - Small Business MemberAll registered G47 Small Business Members (SBM) are authorized to exchange their product lines (widgets) through the G47 Internal Control Framework.  This unique rapid promotional distribution system illustrated within the above flowchart shows how catalyzed organic growth can empower entire communities, domestically and abroad.  This is one of the most unique Small Business opportunities granted exclusively to G47 Members!   



    2. PROMOTE & MOVE G47 Widgets:
    G47 RPM SystemAll G47 Widgets are promoted both online and other forms of media throughout our international network of G47 participating Group organizations.  Our exclusive network offers a VERY unique organic stimulation for all G47 endorsed product lines through our proprietary
    Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs)  By adding RPM's to your company, the G47 Community is able to launch your SBM product into a global marketplace with the efficiency of a catapult.  The RPM process helps to deliver a significant amount of “seed capital” at the initial launch of any new SBM, while concurrently providing the observable “PERCEPTION” of a concrete international market demand for participating SBM product lines.  RPM is similar to “crowd funding”, but as with many of G47's targeted SBMs who feature consumable products, the ongoing capital provisions should be economically sustainable with compounding vertical growth through organically established supply and demand chains.  SBM’s rapid growth in sales across a vast international market distribution help to diversify the G47 Community's economic base.  These products are selected essentials for Business Owners & Consumers alike; therefore, these should prove to be VERY ENTICING when presented to an external (worldly) retail/distribution chain for further consideration. This method of distributing the G47 Product line for increased global distribution of products generates capital from within then without.  G&MU’s private opportunity offers a multitude of pecuniary benefits for all participating communities domestically and abroad.  All SBM’s shall be provided with support from an assembled G47 Board of Directors, and be heard directly through their local community G47 Local Committees.


    3. GROSS REVENUE STREAM received by the G47 Treasury in the above example featuring a G47 owned business.  (For SBM's which are Private Owner Managed Businesses, these only divest 7% of their Gross value listing committed in Charitable Contribution to the G47 Communal Treasury)
        • 80% Retained to be COVESTED


            (Monthly disbursement, after remuneration of all COGS/EBIDTA associated with SBM’s)

                • Participating Groups Organizations receive 10% of NET
                • G47 Committees Involved receive 10% of NET for Administrative Discretion
                • G47 Treasury receives 80% Covested under fiduciary oversight of the G47 Board of Directors for application of Capital Enhancement and other advanced Business Development Strategies organized for the Treasury’s principal assets.

                5. ACTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT
                    • Large Capital Private Treaty Trade Agreement (Bank Responsible Program)
                    • Small Capital Trade Management (Currency Trading with Insured Profits)
                    • Small Business Development – SBM Micro-Financing (Seed Capital)
                    • G47 Rapid Product Movement (RPM) system
                    • Real Estate Development
                    • G47 Economic Development Communities (EDC)
                    • Common Law Banking – Universal Life SBM Applications
                    • Algorithmic Debt Eradication Software

                    6. SMALL BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT creates positive cash flow, generating new revenue streams for participating Small Businesses & their Communities.


                      7. RE-COVESTING increases the G47 Treasury Asset Pool for exponentiation of principal asset growth through deployed capital enhancement strategy.  The principal asset of this financial base will NEVER DEPLETED, as it all principals of the G47 Communal Treasury are continually leveraged and capitally enhanced for a perpetual provision of qualified project funding.


                        8. NEW PRODUCTS created by Small Businesses previously catalyzed through G47’s Internal Control Framework, are then discounted and again sold organically throughout the G47 community of Participating Community Members (PCM) & Small Business Members (SBM). 

                        9. GLOBAL MARKET PENETRATION is now significantly more plausible when new product lines produced by the G47 Small Business community have been catalyzed through organic community growth. Our success will show larger global retail chain stores and corporate distributors (i.e. Safeway, Kroger, Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware & Appliance, etc.) the “tremendous international market demand” for these new product lines.

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