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An international boutique family office providing fiduciary and trust administration stewardship services outside the realm of regulated securities and commercial jurisdiction serving various socially conscious hybrid enterprise models, joint adventures, and alternative capitalization programs.

The focus is beyond the balance sheet to foster intentional organic intra/inter-community development and co-vestment initiatives on a global scale ... social impact ventures that bring people together with passion and purpose whose priorities and practices are to pray, prepare, participate, partner, and prosper together.  

Ideal candidates desire and agree with, "a three-fold cord not easily broken": Family, Enterprise, and Legacy ... moving beyond success towards significance. See diagrams for more detailed concepts and/or visit our website for additional information.

As of January 2020, suggested monthly minimum Koinonia contributions (e.g 10-90 Shared Expense / Rewards of the Acts Economy).  

  • 12 ASE coins (+/- $250 - Individual)
  • 20 ASE coins (+/- $400 - Family)
  • 37 ASE coins (+/- $750 - Trust / Ministry Partner / Firm)
  • 50 ASE coins (+/- $1,000 - Affiliated Organization / Sponsor)
  • 250 ASE coins (+/- $5,000 - G47 SBM / Project Exclusive Family Office Concierge ... see below for details)

Other Current KCTFO initiatives:

  • 1,000 ASE coins > +/- $1,000 - USG RRSC Phase I Unit (20 unit maximum).  This opportunity is now closed (fully subscribed).
  • 1,300 ASE coins > +/- $1,000 - USG RRSC Phase 2 Unit (26 unit maximum).  This opportunity is now closed (fully subscribed). 
  • 5,000 ASE coins > $1,000 - CFGPS RRSC Phase 1 Unit (100 unit maximum).  This opportunity is now closed (fully subscribed).

Important Exchange Note: The USD value relative to silver is subject to change.  Please adjust the USD value relative to silver accordingly when redeeming local currency for an equivalent number of ASE coins.

Exclusive: SBM Family Office Concierge & Project Development

Are you living from your heart? Do you believe that your heart’s desire matters? Perhaps you think it is too late, but change is available for the young at heart.

Are you living life in freedom, faith, honor and truth?

What about your legacy? Can you secure it for future generations?

Are you living in the fullness of your authority, doing what God uniquely equipped you to do? Do you know your kingly assignment?

Now, IMAGINE your life as a tree: not focusing on one branch here or there but going to the root system that affects all aspects of your life! Because your life is a living system, each “branch” affects everything else. Imagine becoming equipped with solutions to experience significant shifts, personally and professionally, because your business, creativity, actions, agreements, and relationships are rightly aligned. What if you could work with counselors who intuitively find the weak branches, follows them down to the root, and provides solutions to make them strong?

Do you have such a team? Who else do you need on board and where are you going to find them? Have you taken your “mountain” but want intensive support and guidance to move from success to significance?What if you could team up with an experienced businessmen, educators and coaches … and with other experienced niche advisors … all with and from a Kingdom perspective?

We provide just that … albeit most often in a virtual capacity in many countries world-wide in the classic areas of a family office environment (Family, Administration, Enterprise, Investments, Philanthropy, and Transfer) … and more:

  • Talent Attraction & Development
  • Management Structure & Accountancy
  • Culture & Responsibility
  • Capital Management
  • Sustainable Growth & Project Development
  • Liability & Risk Exposure
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Tax Exposure

Announcing a new multi-phased joint adventure to assist Kingdompreneurs with intuitive analysis of “root systems” and hands-on coaching to get past your personal and professional hurdles ... accounting of the highest integrity, and all the paperwork in the process.

Now, exclusively through the G47 Marketplace.

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Everything went smoothly from order through delivery. I am purchasing for each of my children as a gift also. I love the feeling it gives me, knowing that I am contributing to others in the community, at the same time as myself.

IVA Top Off

On time, on schedule, weekly adding value for my community, family and myself. Where else can you find economic shelter? An economic ark in a flood of FRN's.

KCTFO is excellent

I love what KCTFO has to offer. Being part of this family has enriched my life, business, and finances immensely.

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