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iCOVEST IN AN IDEA (Technologies & Inventions)

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We're Not "Crowd Funding"
                                 ...we're "CoVesting" in Our Community!

This is not Crowd Funding...the "iCoVest Movement" is the collective activity of our friends and family coming together in unity to CoVest the seeds of empowerment toward the matters of what truly concerns everyone involved within your local communities. 

It is the goal of our G47 Marketplace to set the bar of abundance today, thru the exhibition of selfless ambition and kindness of our members, that we might overwhelm each of our communities worldwide with love and generosity tomorrow!

Here you will find opportunities to CoVest in the Research & Development of New Technologies and Inventions!

The cost of R&D and further development of new technologies can be very challenging to raise by the inventor alone.  Though their ideas are amazing, no one ever get's to see or benefit from them!  Here you can get involved with our wonderful community of inventors, and each of them shall have a tremendous offer for your active participation by CoVesting in their ideas!

See how you can get involved here, pay it forward Today, and receive your Reward Tomorrow!

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