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G47's new Small Business Members (SBM) require your assistance to launch their company's new products through G47's proprietary Rapid Product Movement System (RPMs)!  

As every business receives a catapult launch through G47's unique RPM System, we incrementally escalate the economic sustainability of your Community by encompassing the personal benefit of your Associates, Friends, and Family with each CoVestment!  With the successful launch of each SBM product, we come closer to becoming a prevailing Beacon of Hope, even in the wake of an economic market decline.  

The community of our G47 Marketplace is assembled to shine brightly as a "City Upon a Hill" for ALL the world to see!

However, for our organic community effort to succeed, we TRULY need YOUR help through an active participation in consumption of these targeted products below, unto the empowerment of your community.  REMEMBER: the products here are provided by several Small Businesses who have elected to do their part to facilitate the prosperous community growth of YOUR G47 Marketplace!  

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