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G47 PCM/SBM Think Tank

As interaction and discussion tends to yield inspiration and participation, in this Blog, we hope to establish a G47 think tank in order to generate new ideas, analyze market trends, incentivise community participation, and grow our organic interactive and transactional bases.

Let's Get Excited G47!


  • Here’s a thought for stimulating conversation…what product would you like to see featured at the G47 Marketplace? Let us know, and we can make it our first community collaborative!

    G47 Marketplace
  • Sounds great and Thanks for everyone who is working together on this project.

    William Brown
  • Jim,

    Your enthusiasm is warmly received! As you know, with any beginning ideology, the labor is quite intensive, and the community is just beginning to grasp the tremendous opportunities we have here at the G47 Marketplace.

    Our goal is to begin identifying participating Small Business Members with both products and services that will empower entire communities, domestically and abroad, in order to build an sustainable economic environment among the G47 Community members.

    Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a monetary economic systemic failure approaching very soon, and we aim to be unaffected by the down turn of the global economy. Many communities have achieved this goal with organic assemblies of like minded individuals, whether based on theological assemblies like the Amish & Mennonite communities of today, or simply from out of necessity due to external oppressive forces like a little known community in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 1900’s known today as “Black Wall Street” . These are just two examples of communities prospering through Organic Growth whether organized or by chance.

    Many of our strategies are outlined within the Small Business Member’s (SBM) section found exclusively within your “SBM Toolkit” here at the G47Marketplace.com. We are aiming to increase this section every day, and to grow the economic resources for empowering our Small Business Members to generate and create greater more appealing resources for our Participating Consuming Members (PCM) to enjoy.

    TOGETHER, the portion of capitals committed to G47 are continually recycled into the most active communities growing their capital reserves and improving their local societies on an observable scale. Our capital enhancement strategies do not employ, nor sell goods to participating G47 community, but rather we are providing Opportunity and Available resources for a time WHEN the global monetary and economic system begin to fail…which is not a too distant future from now. For those who have an eye to see, and an ear to hear, and a mind to comprehend to move beyond the cognitive dissonance of real statistical analysis.

    Quantitative easing, Financial Institution Insolvency, Global U.S. Treasury Bond rejection, Baltic Dry Index analysis, and surmounting cold war tensions rising are clearly preeminent indicators of a coming crisis.

    However, unlike many other whistle blowers, truth seekers, patriots, and other fear mongers, the G47 Global Initiative offers several supporting solutions so that the members of our community shall not become victims of the coming crisis, but rather be over comers to what is coming, as certain as this message you are reading is.

    However, it takes the gathered community effort of like minded individuals working in concerted effort to achieve this task: Continually Educating Themselves, Creating & Producing New Innovative Ideas, and then through dedicated commitment to their communities….Interacting and Transacting and Consuming from each other! This is Organic Growth.

    This is why corporate organizations like General Electric, Black Rock, and other large organic enterprise communities thrive. We are currently an organic community of approximately 15,000,000+ and growing, but we are NOTHING if we do not commit to engage with each other….Not out of necessity for goods and services, but out of necessity for commitment to Organic Growth.

    Thereby, we encourage you who read this blog, please support your fellow community Businesses daily by consuming something here of interest, for these goods and services are provided from among your fellow brothers and sisters who create these unique value added provisions…and they are all committed to giving back to you in return!!!

    Much appreciation to all here at the G47 Marketplace, both PCM’s and SBM’s as we strive for excellence in all walks of our lives, today and everyday!

    G47 Marketing
  • I’ve been developing products 35 years. You use my products every day and don’t know it. As a new small business member to G47 I am seeking ways to let people know about my company offering with Veritek EMP to design and manufacture products while coaching the business development. That said, I would also like to contribute valuable substance on the blog here as well.

    Jim Wilkinson
  • Hey G47 Community!

    While it is VERY IMPORTANT for all to participate by consuming something within the G47Marketplace.com, we truly desire diversity in provision as well. If you know someone who has a unique consumable product and/or renewable service, spread the word to them about the G47 Marketplace, and we will work together to Rev-Up their business by adding G47 RPM’s to their daily production!

    I’m sure we would all love to see what new and exciting products are added to our platform daily?

    May you all have a truly blessed day!

    G47 Marketing

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