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Ask G47 Marketing

G47 City Hall is a community forum for members to publicly ask questions as we pray that our answers will help the G47 community to better understand the tremendous opportunities we all have here together here in the unique online Marketplace of interaction and transaction!  

Learn how we can all grow together, and empower our communities organically through this amazingly powerful tool, combined with community support for registered members.

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  • Welcome everyone to the G47 Marketplace! This forum was created to keep you informed on the latest updates concerning the G47 Community, and to allow for everyone’s participation in this virtual “City Hall” to present your questions publicly regarding any concern or creative ideas you might have for discussion.

    As we seek daily to improve our service and support to the G47 community, we humbly ask that you keep your comments professional and kind in this public setting, as we are all growing together in this very unique community of exchange, that we might make it greater than any other online Marketplace gathering today!

    Come, let us build Cities upon a Hill, brightly shining as sustainable testimonies unto the world through our unique organic bio-social exchange initiative!


    Your G47 Marketing Team

    G47 Marketing

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